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CoMedia Server Stats has been on-line and humming along quite happily in my closet since 1993.

CoMedia is powered by
an Athlon XP 2600 running
Debian GNU/Linux kernel 2.6.3-2
In 1993 we first connected to the
Internet via a full-time 14.4K SLIP
connection to The Little Garden.
In 1996, via a TLG/Best T1 provided
by George Coates Performance Works.
And today we're connected via a 768
sDSL line provided by Speakeasy/Covad
CoMedia runs Apache-SSL v1.3.29
loaded with mod_perl & Mason,
Mailman v2.1.4 and several Moin wikis.
Power is monitored with apcupsd.
We are running
Perl 5.8.3, Python 2.3.3,
and Java SDK 1.4.2
Perl Python Java

CoMedia (this server) supports
over ten websites, three mailhosts,
five wikis and twelve mailing lists.

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has linked to one of these select sites...

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